Igloo's Frozen Drinks Program

Igloo’s has developed a Destination Location Philosophy over the years. Placing a dedicated frozen drink location has proven to increase frozen beverage sales without diminishing other adult beverage sales.

If you do not have a frozen drink program at your facility, you are missing out on valuable sales that are walking out your door. Frozen drinks are one of the highest priced, if not the highest priced, item on the menu. They deserve dedicated locations which emphasize and increase sales more than just concession stand locations with the other food items. Frozen drinks are in a category all alone and will only minimally decrease sales of any other beverage.

With NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT, you can tap into a whole new market. Igloo’s provides machines, training and marketing to get your facility started while all you have to do is purchase Igloo’s flavor.

Igloo’s offers the highest volume frozen drink machines on the market for optimum capacity for large concerts, sporting events and any other function. To maximize your frozen drink program, Igloo’s can implement a vending program at your location by using our patented rolling or carrying vending sticks. Utilizing designated high volume machines for vending, you can push frozen drinks by the dozen into the crowds and stands to further increase sales. No more waiting in lines!

Igloo’s has the ability to customize solutions to maximize frozen beverage sales at each venue. We can create a destination just for you!

Point of Sale Marketing

Igloo’s understands the importance of promotional support and appetizing product identifiers to mazimixe frozen drink sales. We will work with you to create the right signage and branding.